Farewell to Arms Essay Violence

Carly Kyle
Mr. Repp
H. American lit
September 24 2013
Farewell to Arms essay:
It is said “All is fair in love and war”, and the novel
 A Farewell to Arms
 answers this
 A Farewell to Arms
 is a detailed novel depicting the life of an Italian officer, who
meets a lovely woman, and flees to Switzerland to escape the crushing grasp of the Italian
Lieutenant Fredrick Henry is an ambulance driver for the Italian army; he generally
spends his days on duty or fixing the cars.
“I came back the next afternoon from our first
mountain post and stopped the car at the
 where the wounded and sick were
sorted by their papers and the pa
per marked for the different hospitals (33, Hemingway
Lieutenant Henry lives in a house with other drivers, his captain and a surgeon. His life generally
consists of serving in the Italian army.
Fredrick’s roommate, the surgeon in the house, takes him to the local hospital to meet
the nurse he likes. The two men venture over and start talking to two young nurses, in
particular, Ms. Catherine Barkley, whom Fredrick and Catherine have an immediate connection
with. Fredrick now spends half his time with Catherine and the other half working. One day,
while on duty his team got called into the war zone and his team is attacked by the Austrians.
One team member died, fortunatly, Fredrick was only injured. Fredrick is rushed to the hospital