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Briana Banks
12 October 2013
John The Legend
John Roger Stephens aka John Legend was born December 28, 1978 in
Springfield Ohio. He was born to Phyllis and Roger Stephens. Phyllis a seamstress, and
Ronald a factory worker and former National
Guardsman. Through John’s childhood he
has definitely proven to be a hardworking talented young man who strives to do what he
loves. Through his hard work and charity he has become the trophy winning man that
he is.
The first character trait that describes John Legend is hard working. points out Legnd’s hardwork by showing readers that he entered high
school at the age of tw
lve, and graduating high school at sixteen. At the age of twelve,
two years after his parents divorced, John began high school at North High School.
 After four years of high school, many colleges noticed how his hard working brought him
to graduate at an early age. Legend received offers from multiple colleges including;
Harvard University, Georgetown University, and Morehouse
("Biography" )
. In the end,
Legend ended up choosing The University of Pennsylvania where he served as the
president and musical director of a co-ed jazz and pop a cappella singing group called
the Counterparts. He also studied English with an emphasis on African American
("Wikipedia" )