Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten – David Ogden Stiers Essay Drug Rehabilitation Alcoholism

James Daugherty
Ms. Agosta
ENG 1102
 November 18, 2013
The Family Affair
 Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten
 David Ogden Stiers
In today’s world, everybody has some type of label addressed to them and sometimes it is
 One of those labels happen to be alcoholic and even though people get over their
 problems the temptations of drinking will always be present and thus they will always be
considered an alcoholic
 However, it may be for the alcoholic, most of the time the uphill
struggle is not always for the alcoholic but the family of said alcoholic as well
 Family to me is
the strongest support group anyone has but what happens when a family is faced with trying t
help someone overcome a terrible disease
Yes I referred to alcoholism as a disease because people typically address it as one
who do not drink much nor have been around people with alcoholic tendencies have a tough time
realizing alcoholism is a disease, simply because people believe that it is easy to set down a drink
or say no, however it is quite the opposite
 The Chicago tribune posted a news article that
somewhat explained how it is hard for alcoholics to say no or stop drinking, and it has to do with
 In the article it talked about a study that took place over decades researching and
observing alcoholics
 The results were interesting explaining that of more than fifty percent of