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English 10
The Right Method to Help Treatment Resistant Mentally Ill Individuals
While living with schizophrenia, Rodger's parents Roger and Rae Belle, begged mental
health professionals and the courts in San Luis Obispo county to enforce treatment for their son
Rodger, but was denied due to the laws supporting Rodgers decision to receive treatment or not
for his mental illness. In 1998 Rodger stole two of his father's guns and "armed" himself against
the "blood-sucking vampires" he said lived in their backyard which then lead to felony charges
that then qualified Rodger for hospitaliza
tion. While Rodger’s parents are relieved to hear that
their son is finally receiving treatment for his mental illness, they are not pleased that the health
system in th
e county allowed their son to go untreated for such a long time and that the only way
to force their son to get treated was to call the police on him and charge him for a crime that was
the county’s fault, because they let him go untreated for so long. “You don’t have to become a
criminal to be treated for a heart attack.” Roger.
Mental illness is common all over the world. In any given year in the United States,
26.2% of adults (one out of four adults) will suffer from a diagnosed mental illness (source).
Among those mental illness Anxiety reaching up to 40,000,000 (18.1%) of American adults, is
the most common mental illness in the United States and the most common mental disability in
children and adolescents is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) reaching up to 9%
of children and adolescents ages 13 through 18; boys being four times at risk than girls. In the