Factual Essay

Aceh is a regions in indonesia, its capital is Banda Aceh and Aceh is region
which have syari’at Islam and have st
rong culture, most of population in aceh is
Aceh was first known as Aceh Darussalam, but on 2009 until now was known
as Aceh. There are many Ethnich groups in Aceh like Achenese, Gayo, Singkil,
Simeulu and Alas. Because of there are many Ethnich groups in Aceh, Aceh has
many culture languanges and religions. There are five religions in Aceh like Muslim,
Protestant, Catholic, Buddha and Hindu but the most population in Aceh is Muslim.
Aceh has an organization The Free Aceh Movement in Indonesia Gerakan
Aceh Merdeka or simply GAM, GAM is an organization that want to get
m. One day GAM and Indonesia get conflict, this conflict became a big war.
This is the worst era for people in Aceh because, they can not life normally like other
 people. Every day and every time they heard sound of guns that maked they were
scary And many people died.
There are many guns that they use to war and there are some hand made
 bombs and guns, hand made by achenese. The hand made bomb is very simply it just
made by box of milk and bottle of fresh water but very dangerous, many of people
were killed by it.
So because of this war makes The Indonesian government makes a deal with
The Free Aceh Movement in 2005 peace agreement with the Indonesian Government.
After this war stopped the people in aceh can life normally.