d2 3 Sided f Essay Antibiotics Antimicrobial Resistance

Burress 2
Rachel Burress
Ms. Ingram
English 1103
16 October 2012
The Three Sides of Antibiotic Resistance
Since their modern beginnings in 1921, Antibiotics have saved millions of lives and have
changed our course of modern medicine for all time (Dr. Hani). But as time goes along, doctors
have become concerned with the side effects and the growing resistance by bacteria to these
drugs. Over use has caused bacteria to develop a resistance to some antibiotics which is concern-
ing doctors due to the fact bacteria are becoming more varied and stronger while antibiotics re-
main the same. Many doctors take different stands on how much and when antibiotics should be
used in situations, but all doctors agree over use is extremely unhealthy.
In the ninth grade I contracted Mononucleosis, better know as mono, and ever since then
I have been a frequent visitor to the doctors
ffice. This is when I discovered that first level an-
tibiotics did not work on the infections I contracted. So somewhere in my childhood I was pre-
scribed too many antibiotics, causing the bacteria to be resistant to the drugs. Now, most doctors
instead of giving antibiotics for anything, limit it to when one has a more serious infection. These
doctors are the more common group, who take a middle of the road approach. They believe an-
tibiotics are used when one has been sick for over two weeks and are not getting better. That way
they know its for certain an illness that requires antibiotics. No matter how bad you feel they will
not give you antibiotics any sooner; keeping one from taking antibiotics needlessly.
A study conducted by the Boston University School Of Medicine further shows the prob-
lem of over medicating on antibiotics. Eighteen percent of parents admitted to giving their child