B2 Essay Earthquake

The earthquake caused far more deaths and demage than people thought. Describe the experience
and the terrible scenes you have seen. Do you think there is anything more people (and the
government) could have done to save more lives?
Last night the earth trembled. It was half past three and everybody was sleeping. Before
going to bed I felt a little bit strange but I couldn’t imagine that something like that would have
happened. Suddenly I felt my bed quaking, I began calling my parents because I was completely
shocked, the dogs started barking, it seem to me to be the character of an action film. It lasted few
seconds but it seemed to last forever.
After that I tried to sleep but it was impossible for me so I turned on the TV and I will
never forget what I’ve seen. There was rubble everywhere, people who was digging with bare
hands, who were looking for their friends and their relatives. I stayed in front of the TV the whole
day and the news was getting worse. Many people were still scared and they couldn’t realize what
had happened, somebody has lost a son, a niece, a uncle and somebody else has lost everything
they owned. The homeless beg
n to get in touch with their relatives to know if they were still alive,
they started to find a place where they could stay because their house was completely destroyed like
Onna inhabitants, a small village that was entirely reduced to rubble.
I think that if the houses had been built according to the anti- seismic system, more
 people would have been saved, there wouldn’t have been as many people without a place to live.
The government said that many buildings were made of stone and this is not possible in a seismic
area like Abruzzo. Some people said that an event like that can’t be predict but a geologist called
Giuliani studied the previous quakes and he had imagined that something terrible would have
happened but he was accused of creating panic.
In front of that I felt a bit useless ,I would like to help these people but I don’t know
what to do. In my opinion, one of the most important things that the government should do after this
catastrophe is to rebuild these villages in a safe way. The only thing the Italian could do at this
moment is collect money, clothes, blankets to help them to come back to their everyday life.
Carolina Bizzoni B2