a a revised Essay Bottled Water Drinking Water

Mueller 1
Jeffrey Mueller
Professor Bruce
English 301
12 November 2013
Bottled Water vs. Tap Water
“Access to a reliable source of potable water is essential for the survival of human life
and almost all living organisms. Technological advancements in the last decades have generated
a variety of interchangeable methods for improving water quality” (Zait
sev). This quote from
 Natalia Zaitsev gives an obvious statement about the value of water, but it also informs the
audience about the improvements that have been made to make water safer to drink. An article
that was published in the New York Daily News talks about how the popularity of water has
recently increased in America,

Americans now drink an average of 44 gallons of soda a year, a
17 percent drop from the peak in 1998. Over the same tim
, the average amount of water people
drink has increased 38 percent to about 58 gallons a year. Bottled water has led that growth, with
consumption nearly doubling to 21 gallons a year 
” (
Move over, soda). Considering how healthy
water is for the body, it appears that this sudden increase in bottled water is for the better.
However, there is a lot of evidence that bottled water is actually a poor means to obtaining
drinking water. The debate really comes down to tap water and bottled water, and which of the
two has the greatest benefits for the individual and for the world. It is vital to not only realize the
 benefits of tap water, but to also find truth in the many myths that are out there about the safety
of drinking tap water. Americans in general have a distorted view of tap water and are wasting
their money buying bottled water.