Tips for write a good essay

To write a good essay, the first thing to do is read the instructions well. I recommend you read the “statement” two, or three times, at least to understand well what it says:


Nowadays, teenagers hardly read anything because they spend too much time watching movies or videos on computers.

He notes that it is a negative argument “teenagers spend a lot of time watching movies and videos on the internet and for that reason they do not read.” You must contrast that opinion. That means you have to give arguments in favor, and against; To end a conclusion.

2. Prepare a schematic using useful phrases

It is very important in the essay to connect the arguments in a given order. I leave you examples of phrases that will be useful for this purpose.

Write a diagram (you can write it in the booklet they give you), taking into account the instructions above, and using some of the following useful phrases.

Here is an example of a four paragraph writing scheme (recommended):

Note: This scheme will guide you and not forget how you should answer the question.

3. Prepare the vocabulary you will use

With the schema we have organized the information and make sure that we are answering the question. But, we have to think about how to complete it with the appropriate vocabulary and structures. For this I suggest that you visualize the statement of the question.

For example, imagining a guy looking at the computer in his room may think that:

– Watch movies and videos in another language, as well as learn. He watches films and videos in another language and, therefore, he has learned.
– Watch movies with subtitles. He watches films with subtitles.
– You can learn how to write in another language with videos. He can learn how to write in another language using videos.

– It does not read because it spends too much time in front of the computer. He does not read because he spends too much time in front of the computer.
– If you had a schedule that limited the hours in front of the computer, there would be no problems. If I had a schedule to limit the amount of hours in front of the computer there would be no problem.

4. Write a draft

With these ideas in mind we draft the draft. The best thing is that you write it in English directly, but if you find it difficult, try it first in Spanish. (You can write it in the booklet they will give you).

5. Write your essay

Here is the test example with the previous draft.

Watch out for the number of words, do not overdo it or stay too short. In this case we have 209 words.

Test analysis

(1. Introduction. I rewrite the initial “statement” my way. Note: You should not copy the “statement”, if not rewrite it, ie say something similar but with different words.

(2) I explain why teens are more likely to watch videos and movies than to read: passive consumption.

(3) I give my first argument: it is not bad to watch videos or movies, the problem is in the number of hours.

(4) I explain why teachers and parents think it is bad; If you spend so many hours watching videos and movies they stop developing good habits for their future work.

(5) I explain that it is possible to avoid if the parents control the “hours of screen” (screen hours) Remark: Look at the use of the connector “However” to say an opinion contrary to the previous one.

(6) I add that adolescents like to read about certain kinds of books, so the problem is not so much that they read, but what to read. Note: Observe the use of the connector “Furthermore” to give additional information.

(7) Conclusion: I finally give my personal opinion that links with the last argument presented.
5. Review your essay

This step is very important. A review of what you just wrote can avoid many mistakes. In addition, try to write clean and clear, avoiding stud bolts.

6. Read essays to inspire

The best way to learn to write essays is by reading essays. Here are some examples of FCE trials.

Example 1



Video with example.

7. Practice writing more essays

Here are examples of exercises to practice.

1. All advertising done by companies should be true, otherwise it should be banned.

2. Money can buy everything but love.


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