In the course of the millennia, the proliferation of ideas and concepts about God has allowed that there can be great confusion and constant doubt about the “unfathomable” personality of God.

From the earliest ages, when man feared lightning, thunder, and other natural phenomena, he conceived ideas of worship and offered sacrifices that could win him the sympathy of certain gods. With the evolution of these ideas and beliefs, over time, through the adoration of the spirits of the ancestors, etc., to conclude with the monotheistic concept that in different parts of the known world, in each era, propagated by great Number of “guides of towns”, patriarchs, prophets, between which, naming only some, we have the “Helix”. Of Abraham, of the Lord, of Moses, of the God Ate, of Akhenaton, of Egypt, and so on, who have led the beliefs to the existence of one Universal God.

Each new generation makes possible the introduction of “changes” that bring “new lights” and “innovations” on the most arduous problems of man, his relations with an “almost ignored” superior cause of the spiritual kingdoms, of which, Division of beliefs imparted by multiple religions, have sown the most dreadful darkness in consciences, whose archaic and dogmatic foundations, the new generations are taking charge of demolishing, to establish ideas more dynamic and in accordance with the evolution that humanity is living In today’s momentous moments so transcendental.

Man, by his intrinsic condition, when referring to something, tends always to relate it to the experiences that he possesses. It is common to see how man attributes to God his own human qualities and imperfections. The concepts that God has from man, it seems that far from being an Immutable Creator, was a partial God, vengeful and unjust and terrible.

Likewise God is attributed the gift of forgiveness if the sinner repents and some such, “one of his ministers” absolved him. As if nature did not give enough manifestations and proofs of the rigor – of cause and effect – that follows the violation of the immutable laws.

It is often seen that there are people who believe that God can allow or prevent some of man’s achievements in an arbitrary way, since if he made the laws, he thinks that he can also change them. Truly, Joaquin Truncate, said: – “God does everything he owes and not what he wants”.

One day, I remember hearing someone asking his friend: “Are you coming tomorrow?” And the friend replied, “Well, God willing!” While the friend, smiling again, said: Well, if He does not want to, you come in secret! “This shows how much man has humanized God, but also points to his awakening when he begins by breaking the bonds of fear and superstition with regard to God.

The classical and fantastic hell and paradise, for which it was possible to increase, in economic terms, the “millions” in different institutions or organizations of a religious nature, especially in the so-called “universal church”. Science has proved easy and it has already been possible to demonstrate the lack of foundations of these beliefs, however, a wave of confusion persists, especially in very religious and fanatical minds, in the last attempts of these institutions to keep their Influences.

The same absurd conception of the “devil” was already possible to roll on the ground, when open minds were not prejudiced to tackle such “delicate” and “unfathomable” issues.

The repeated demonstration of Reincarnation has revealed the superior reflection of a “Law” or “Higher Divine Justice”, very worthy of the Universal Creator and its immutable laws, of which, a very fundamental one, in certain institutions of higher education Philosophy or in the Spirits School, is known by the name of “Law of Karma” or “Law of Compensation”. The phrase: “God created man in his image and likeness” is but a misrepresentation of the correct expression: “God created man in the image and likeness of his nature”; which is very different.

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