Recommendations for writing an essay

Universities demand that the essay be clear, consistent and forceful. Establish a common thread explaining the reasons for the program and how it matches the medium and long-term goals of your professional life. Be sincere and do not try to pretend things that are not. It is also important to demonstrate how the university and program teachers are an important element to you and why it differs from others. The essay is not a blank check. You should not send the same essay to each university, but write one by program and university.

The tests are different for masters and doctorates. The mastery leads to a general knowledge, so it is acceptable not to know the subject in depth. The doctorate, on the other hand, aims at the production of new knowledge, so it must demonstrate suitability in the matter and interest in those who work it; The doctorate is chosen by the advisors and not so much by the university and, often, the essay should carry a more formal research proposal.

How should I structure the trial?

There is no default structure. Each person can do it in a way that demonstrates their personality, but do not forget to be clear and to the point: why this particular program and university and how they will help you meet your goals. He must show the life turning points that helped him to define the long-term goal, that is, what key moments in his experience lead him to study this particular postgraduate.

One essay must be balanced: one or two paragraphs of your experience and preparation for the postgraduate course; Two other paragraphs of the short and long term goals, and another concluding paragraph stating why you are the right candidate for the program.

The first and last paragraph are very important. People who review applications watch a lot of rehearsals, so you have to be able to capture attention and close bluntly. It is recommended not to start by saying your name and what you want to study. Try to do something creative that will awaken the reader’s attention so you want to read the essay. If this purpose is achieved and the rest of the requirements are met, it is most likely that it will be admitted. One way to capture attention is to establish a very strong turning point that has led you to make the decision to reach that goal in the long run, without spreading much. It is necessary to engage the reader without going too far in the branches. And, to close, you must reiterate the importance that the program will have in your life and why you want to be part of it, without exaggerating.

How long will it take for me to write it?

Sometimes programs and universities are idealized without knowing if they really fit the goals, capacities and interests. Therefore, it is very important to previously investigate the programs, not only through web pages or brochures, but also teachers, students and alumni to give a more detailed idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeach program.


Writing an essay will take about two months. You should have the time to write a draft, make corrections, rewrite. It would be worth it if familiar people read the text to see if it really manages to reflect their personality and interests in what they write. Also, have it checked by a person who knows how to write in the language in which he / she should deliver the essay, so you will know if you are transmitting well the message you want to give.

Where can I find information on how to write an essay in English?

You can search for “statement of purpose” on Google or visit (link is external). There are many books available, such as Get Into Graduate Schools or Marketing Yourself to the Top Business Schools, where you can see different essay models that go to the point and answer the questions in a clear but creative way. You should be careful not to copy phrases from other essays by plagiarism.

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