Global warming essay

The issue addressed is very complex since global warming essay  has its origins from its composition in the atmosphere and its chemical reactions;

Another aspect that has to be analyzed to take into account that the topic has its deep analysis is a model of the climate system is a representation of the five components of the climate system: Atmosphere, hydrosphere, cry sphere, land surface and biosphere. These models are based on physical principles such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and radiation transfer.

There can be no components representing air movement, temperature, clouds, and other properties of the atmosphere, ocean temperature, salt content, and circulation; The layer of ice on land and sea; The transfer of heat and moisture from the soil and vegetation to the atmosphere; Chemical and biological processes.

It presents the changes that the planet suffers with the process of global warming as follows:

“Thermal inversion is a natural process that occurs when a layer of warmer air rests on another whose temperature is less, causing it to trap the pollutants and not allow their dispersion …”

The consequences of these changes in chemical relations in the atmosphere leading to global warming are alarming.

Most ecosystems are expected to be affected by rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere combined with high global temperatures. In general, climate change is expected to result in the extinction of many species and the reduction of ecosystem diversity.

Climate change can negatively affect hundreds of millions of people through rising coastal floods, reductions in water supplies, increased malnutrition and increased health impacts.

As a reaction to the consequences of global warming future damages globally would be fatal as; The thermal inertia of the oceans and the slow responses of other indirect effects mean that the climate would take centuries or longer to adapt to changes in forcing. In the following information confirm, Subsequently for its constant renewals.

“It is postulated that if the global average temperature increase is greater than 4 C compared to pre-industrial temperatures, in many parts of the world natural systems will not be able to adapt to their own surrounding populations, in short, there will be no natural resources to sustain The human lives. ”

“When global warming modifies their habitats, it is difficult to expect immediate adaptation processes or their defect a sufficiently rapid migration of species.”


“In terrestrial ecosystems, due to the evaporation of water from the surface of the land and the increase in the magnitude and frequencies of rains and floods, the soils become drier and lose nutrients more easily when they are removed by runoff. ”

As an introduction to the problem of damage caused by global warming and its natural process, it clarifies the stages that suffer to produce global warming itself:

“Ozone molecules are found in small portions in the upper layers of the atmosphere, 30 to 45 km. Height of the earth’s surface; The ozone is produced in the atmosphere due to the electric discharges on the oxygen and by the radiations produced by the ultraviolet radiation (that comes from the sun), on the molecules of oxygen.

The destruction of any significant amount of ozone has very serious effects on the planet since the ultraviolet rays radiated directly to the Earth’s surface due to lack of ozone can damage the health of man and living beings, as it attacks and weakens the Immune system causing severe burns, cataracts in the eyes and a higher incidence of skin cancer. ”

As a team we decided to tackle this problem because “GLOBAL WARMING” is destroying our planet in a very dramatic way.

We believe that if we all become aware of this problem we will contribute to the duration of the natural resources of our planet.

It is very important to find a way to solve this problem, to reduce the levels of gases and pollutants that are destroying the ozone layer, which is a sunscreen that prevents ultraviolet rays from reaching humans directly.

Some of our purposes as a team are to make people aware of the great consequences that global warming brings with it, and thus, in a general way, to save our planet.

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